Congratulations to Grandma on her birthday

Dear granny, how much care,
How many gifts from the hands,
How much heat we got – that’s
It’s your birthday, friend.

We congratulate you heartily, we wish
Peace, health and strength,
So that you can live in the world for a long time and
Your every day brought
Joy. After all, there will be great-grandchildren soon –
It’s time to drop anchors.
You were our support, support
In childhood, and the years are not in vain.

You gave us tired advice,
You created comfort,
I read books. And grandchildren and children
Sincerely love and honor.

Even a lazy wise cat
Purring loudly from the carpet.
Our grandmother, thank you for
You are selflessly kind.

Tenderness, flowers, congratulations to neighbors –
We were waiting for the cherished time.
So embrace us with your soul and accept
Our humble gifts!
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