Congratulations to the children of war on May 9

Ran to school, read books,
Peaceful childhood of a girl, a boy.
War came to the world one day,
She crossed out her whole life!

Took the laughter and smile,
Tank tracks toys in the mud,
And his paw sticky,
She got into the child’s life.

And there was no childhood, only chaos,
And a fascist plane flew,
And the child of war got,
And when the machine gun was rumbling,

The children held their ears with their hand,
And whispered: We Will Win,
After all, they dreamed of childhood,
When the world turned to smoke…

Many years have passed since That Victory,
When the children shouted Hurrah,
You have become grandmothers and grandfathers,
The whole country will bow to you:

Be happy, don’t get sick,
You will live for many years,
And may God protect you from the bad,
And fate protects from troubles.