Congratulations on Ramadan 2022 in verse

Ramadan, oh, a holy holiday!
Sows peace and harmony in the soul!
Let all those who are involved in the faith,
Our Almighty deigns to hear!

May Allah protect your families!
And will give you well-being!
I wish your minds,
They only knew the best

Let them live in peace and tranquility in the house,
And relatives are not worried about diseases,
Let them not know the anxiety,
I wish everyone only good news!
I wish you success on this holiday!
Happiness, joy, easy victories!
Kindness to like an echo,
I always came back to you in response!

Let prayer work its miracle,
Let it purify your soul and body,
So that every chapter in life,
I was filled with faith more and more!

May Allah point out the wrongdoings,
Will give warnings for the future,
To all of us to fix the mistakes,
I wish you strength and patience!
Today is the Ramadan holiday,
We cordially congratulate you,
Let your iman become stronger,
We sincerely wish you!

Let there be a house and comfort in it,
So that the family does not know grief,
Let the children live in health,
And everyone who is dear to our loved ones!
Ramadan is a holiday of spirit and faith!
Celebrations and blessings,
The doors are closed to pleasures,
This day will bring renewal!

From sunrise to sunset
We can’t have any food or water,
But Allah teaches new views,
Teaches you not to see trouble in this.

The Scripture of the Koran will tell us,
How to find the right way in the world,
To make life humane to us,
It is necessary to plunge her into faith!
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