Cool congratulations from parents for the wedding

To make life great,
Young, at this hour
By parental right
I want to give you a command.
First of all, understand —
It all depends on you,
Do not expect gifts from fate,
Business is a day, fun is an hour!
What has been obtained with your own labor —
Only bring your house to your house,
A lot will be gained,
If you work together.
If suddenly there is a quarrel
Or someone will scream,
The winner of the dispute
The one who keeps silent will come out,
Who will concede in the dispute first,
Who won’t answer.
Take care of your nerves,
Learn to give in!
Do, husband, men’s business,
You, wife, have your own affairs,
On slander against human
Don’t hold a grudge for long.
Without children, the house will be boring,
No children — and there is no life,
Let there be a bunch of kids!
To live together for many years,
To live a family life together –
This is the best of all awards.
We need to drink to friendship,
Yes, lemonade is bitter.