Funny congratulations to the newlyweds for the wedding

The clink of glasses, the glitter of rings
A legitimate marriage is a crown of love.
You were a simple couple,
And today — husband and wife.

The bonds of Hymen are strong
You were tied up — that’s for sure.
Mendelssohn’s waltz struck —
We have come to congratulate you.

We wish happiness to the young,
And patience, and participation,
So that until late gray hair
You will go through life together.

Together, what does that mean?
To share both troubles and good luck.
Even if they have quarreled,
To go to bed together.

Go on vacation together,
Together to pump the baby.
But the money, those alas —
The wife should have everything!

Don’t waste your time:
Create family comfort.
Love, rejoice, create,
Whisper tender confessions.

And the gene pool to come in handy,
The Lord has commanded us all to be fruitful.
Let the son be broad-shouldered,
And we will provide him with a stroller!