Congratulations on the wedding in your own words to tears

Our dear, dear and beloved newlyweds! I cordially congratulate you on your Wedding Day! I wish that your eyes would look at each other with the same love in fifty years! The feeling that has taken all the place in your hearts, let it not fade away, does not go away, but only grows stronger over the years, becomes wise, sincere and very warm! Be a support to each other in all the vicissitudes of everyday life, forgive each other, love fervently and devotedly! May God bless your marriage for many, many years! May your feelings not lose their tenderness, care, affection and understanding through many years lived together, may the love in your hearts live forever, and trust and respect only grows stronger every year more and more! Let there be no disagreements and omissions between you, live openly, joyfully and be a support for each other until the very old age!