Touching congratulations on the wedding day in verse

He is strong, smart and honest,
As a knight is brave, he is nice to his family,
Once he was alone in the world
I wandered around, circled the ladies with my eyes.

She is a beautiful princess,
Sweet, kind to everyone around,
I carefully kept the key to my heart
From evil, alien, insidious hands.

Fate — the mistress of other people’s lives —
And fair, and smart,
I crossed the paths of two
And I brought their views together,

2 hearts that were strangers,
Suddenly they trembled, and the world froze…
She always loved him,
And he always loved her!

What a miracle,
2 hearts beat as one,
One eye, closed hands,
One soul, one love.

Let that moment freeze forever,
Preserving the sacred feeling,
Fate was generous beyond measure,
Having created such a miracle.

Good luck, happiness in your marriage,
Warmth, care and love
Until the sun goes out,
And all the lights will not go out!