Ideas of unforgettable greetings for children

Did you know that a child’s brain “frees up the hard drive” from time to time in order to remember new information. Therefore, when a person grows up, he remembers only the brightest childhood events, such as birthdays. Every year holding holidays in Moscow is becoming more and more difficult, because it has become difficult to surprise the “flowers of life”…
What kind of achievements parents do not go to! They arrange real quests with actors, send expensive gifts by courier, shoot cartoons with their baby in the main role!
Everything seems to be fine, but somehow without a soul. We offer several ideas for the baby’s birthday, which will definitely leave pleasant memories for the child.

Pinata with your own hands

It’s not difficult to make a hollow papier-mache toy. You will only need old newspapers, colored paper and glue. In the middle of the surprise, you can put sweets, small toys, stickers. The younger kids will appreciate the beautifully folded bills among the sweets, for which they will be able to choose a gift for themselves, like adults. But to get to the gifts that will fall on his head, the baby will have to work a little.

Balloon Festival

Do you want to see a happy smile on a child’s face in the morning? Then in the evening inflate a large number of colorful balloons and scatter them around the room. After such an emotional morning, the child will always have a pleasant association associated with balloons and birthday.

Give your child a friend

If a child has asked you for a pet, then a birthday is the best reason to give a kitten or a puppy. It should be borne in mind that it is better to make such a gift to children after 8 years. In addition to the fact that the baby will find a new friend, the pet will teach him responsibility and care for his neighbors.

Surprise in a box

Imagine how many emotions a child will have when he sees a huge box in the middle of the room. Inside you need to place several helium balloons that will take off spectacularly after opening. And also the main gift at the bottom! The child will remember such emotions for a long time.

Find a gift

On my birthday – adventures! The apartment may turn out to be an island, and the child and his guests may turn out to be pirates. But to find a gift, you will have to break your head. Draw a map of the “island” and indicate the place of the “treasure” with a cross. And for each intermediate station, come up with a simple task, a riddle or a rebus that will point to the next point. Such a quest is not difficult to do yourself and is not expensive.
There are many options, but the main thing to remember is that sincere gifts and emotions are important to children, not an expensive payoff.