Short congratulations on the day of Ivan Kupala

On Ivan, on Kupala
The girl was walking with the cute one all the time.
And I wish you very much
I won’t sleep a wink tonight.
Prophetic dreams of love
They dream of Kupala on holiday.
I wish you fire in your blood,
From passion, so that you don’t sleep.
On the holiday of Kupala we were looking for love,
And you have already found it. Congratulations!
Falling in love with each other sincerely again
I wish you from the bottom of my heart.
On the day of the magical Kupala
You’ve become even more beautiful,
I am to you and through the fire
I will carry my love.
Kupala holiday is the day of Slavic passion.
We are temperamental, we are in her power.
And it would still be love for her and at least a little happiness.
On this day, they shot accurately,
Business to deal with the princess.
And your arrow, brother,
So as not to get into the toad.

In general, happy holidays, my friend,
Happy Bathing Day.
Let her bathe the day
In love will open the door.
You sincerely believe
Into her right now.
Fern magic color
The wish gives everyone the green light,
To make your life serene,
Find him on the night of Kupala.
Let Kupala bonfires
Your eyes are burning,
Let them lie down in a layer
There are guys in a row in front of you.
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