Beautiful birthday greetings to the boy

Pour juice into glasses,
And in the kitchen they cut the cake,
Mom is fussing about something,
Dad is walking, he is proud of his son.
Because it’s a birthday
You have today, friend!
And gifts, congratulations!
Everyone is having fun around!
Treat your friends to a cake,
Once they came to you,
And today it will be possible,
What is not possible on other days.
You can jump on the bed!
You can sing songs!
You can wear a pink dress
To dress a cat with a bow!
Drink lemonade instead of tea!
There is a cake instead of soup!
Hide and seek fun playing,
Get into the parent’s closet!
Well, in the evening, tired
To fall on the bed,
To start over in the morning
A new birthday to wait for.