Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old

Five dozen – everything is serious
Everything is interesting and complicated.
We were so clever with the gift,
Everything was laid out on the shelves:

Every boy in ten years
Everyone wanted a bike.
On the twentieth anniversary
Everyone wants money, friends.

At the age of thirty, men want
To have a family without a twist,
To have a wife, kids, a house
And the decoration was in it.

Well, at forty you understand,
That you are just starting to live.
What do you need at fifty?
Of course! Everything in a row.

The house is built, the children too
And the trees are all similar
They grow in a flat bed,
A little apart, here and there.

So how did you achieve everything
Oh, let me be proud of you.
And now on the anniversary day,
We will not spare the heat.

We surround with care
And we wish you good luck.
And we will give you again
Our brotherly love!