Funny congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old

Let the faces and milestones change,
Let the running of time not be delayed.
But when the light is inside a person,
Time will just step back.

These years will not touch a man, —
The head of our whole friendly family.
Let there be no reason for sadness,
There will be reasons only for love.

He is Grandpa’s favorite for grandchildren
And a wonderful father and husband.
The best and the bravest and the strongest,
A man with a capital letter and a friend.

We all love you, you are our hero,
So close, so dear,
In your life let the sharp peaks —
Everyone bypasses you.

May this be your anniversary year,
As always, you will be lucky in everything.
Be healthy, never hurt you,
Let luck only go near.

And you are fifty at this time,
And the moment is full of all the magic,
Be happy! Happy birthday to you!
We are all close and love you!