Touching congratulations on the anniversary of a man 50 years old

Beautiful number in this postcard
Deceptively, because we are all used to,
That fifty is a sign of old age,
But the signs are not always accurate.

You will look at you and realize that age
I have always grown up separately from you,
You are young, slim, that is your pride,
And a youthful sparkle is pouring out of your eyes.

Here are women that forty-five are getting fresher,
Our people call them berries,
A man in his fifties gets so prettier,
He will collect all the berries on the field!

Of course, if my wife allows it.
But the spouse should understand,
That an easy flirtation is not a hindrance to a man,
But a reason only for joy and laughter.

Forget about the numbers “fifty”,
After all, you are only thirty at the most,
On your anniversary, let the firecrackers rattle, let the champagne sparkle in the glasses.

Like these sparks, let your eyes shine,
Health to you — it will come in handy!
It is impossible to forget about the main thing now:
What’s fifty — there’s a new page!