Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of a man 55 years old

Here you are already 55.
What do you want, dear, to wish.
We wish you a happy family,
So that your children are healthy.
To visit more often, so that they come to you,
And, of course, they brought their grandchildren.
So that my wife surrounds me with care,
And loves you, so that she respects you.
So that everyone is waiting for you at home,
We were always happy to meet you.
Lit up, so that the smile face.
So that life is both easy and light.
So that your colleagues respect you,
And always run for advice.
To have a lot of friends, not to count,
Even more than we already have.
We wish you a big salary,
So that you have more than enough of it.
Well, we also wish you patience,
And, of course, luck in life.
If you stay young longer,
In the captivity of the years, you do not surrender to the dashing.
Live your long life without worries,
Be happy to meet every year.