Funny congratulations on the 60th anniversary of a man

You, my friend, are sixty!
Great age, just a treasure.
There was no doubt left,
Read in the lines of the poem …
You built a house, cultivated a garden,
You let the children go into the world to people,
You give warmth to your mother with care,
You easily cope with business.
The king of sophisticated microchips,
I am ready to help everyone with repairs.
Create “something” out of nothing –
Your favorite job.
You drive like Schumacher, famously
And you don’t accept the word “quiet.”
In the lake district robinsonish,
You can reason with any fish!
Sporty look, eagle eye,
A charge of invigorating youth,
A crown of great ideas,
And an example of optimism.
A handsome, wise man,
You have a long century,
And the anniversary is the top of that,
Visible from which the power of the ridge.
I wish you, little brother,
That there is progress every day,
Don’t give up life positions,
To walk, to walk, to walk on it.
Accept my friendly greetings,
Live without sorrows and troubles,
Save your health resource,
Love, create, do not be discouraged!