Comic congratulations on the 60th anniversary of a man

Happy birthday to you,
Sixty knocked on your door.
These years are an honorary medal,
They shine brightly on your chest.

Sixty for a man is not a joke,
I am in a hurry under your festive banner.
And please take a moment,
So that I wish you all the best.

Long years, youthful spirit,
More joys, less gray hair.
In the ear of old age — give a slap
And a forehead that is completely wrinkle-free.

I wish you to always be in abundance,
Pamper all the granddaughters of toddlers,
So that the six experienced dozens
They have never been a burden to you.

And how the famous song is sung
(Yes, you remember, for sure)
I wish: Let it be only in wealth
Your years will appeal to you!