Anniversary of the 60th anniversary of a man congratulations in verse

60 is a long time, but spring is blooming in my soul,
And we wish you that the cold did not come.
Let the diseases recede away, do not worry about gray hair.
Let your faithful wife be by your side, just the same.
To surround you with affection and care,
So that she would grumble less, not disturb you, so that in vain.
We wish you strength, inspiration, to be lucky in everything.
So that joy and fun do not leave your house.
Let laughter sound in it more often, there will never be quarrels.
Let the eyes always sparkle, the soul soars like a bird.
Money to always be found, so that they cannot be counted.
There are a lot of bold beginnings, so as not to count everything.
Let the career go uphill, life’s work will be important.
Let the worries and misfortunes, your house will pass by.
Let your friends be with you in joy, in trouble.
And they will help if necessary, do not stand aside.
To inspire children, and be proud to be a father.
Be happy and stay a good fellow longer.