Congratulations on the last call from parents

On behalf of my parents, I want to congratulate you all.
Standing in front of me, catching a moment.
The last call, the school way will glorify,
He will open the door, leading an adult life.

After 10 years, crushing the granite of science,
And choosing the pearls of knowledge in it,
Guided by a mentor without boredom,
You began to understand a lot of things.

From the first letters sought in the primer,
The teacher gave you his soul.
To the laws of life peculiar to the earth,
Brought you, putting you firmly on dry land.

I thank the patient teachers,
That our children were selflessly led.
Striving to replenish the ranks, they are the first.
They taught life to love, so as not to pass by.

And I won’t forget to wish, of course,
What is given is diligently multiplied.
For the joy of everyone, work selflessly.
And do not forget the school walls forever.