Parents’ ditties at the kindergarten graduation

You guys listen,
We want to tell you
About the people that you once
Helped to educate.

We decided, we guessed
How can we congratulate them,
Finally, we have gathered everyone
And they decided to glorify.

# for the educator
From Natalia Nikolaevna
There are not a few things to do, a lot of things to do:
Lisa plaited braids,
I watched Sasha eat.

And she can
Make sure that the kids
Not bored, not sick,
She didn’t run away from the yard.

With you, if you want,
You can fly into space.
Sometimes we are surprised
How you are enough for everything!

Our secrets and secrets
Everyone is warmed by your heart!
We could trust you,
You didn’t dare betray us.

We want to wish you love
From all our kids!
Do not get sick, do not be sad,
Come to visit the school!

We will behave well,
So as not to let you down!

# for speech therapist
We remember how our children
Started talking,
Only to my mother these speeches
We need to translate everything.

The kids went to kindergarten,
They need a lot of time.
The words are all right,
Mom doesn’t blush at school.

# for the head

And our manager is a beauty
And copes with all the cases.
And her work is voluminous,
And thank her very much.

For the ability to compete
And the effort to finance,
For fresh food
And kindergarten prosperity!

# for a doctor
Secrets of potions are open to them,
Decoctions are the most difficult secret,
The art of protection from the flu,
Which is not more reliable.

Any bruise or wound
Will they be able to cure,
The vaccination will be given such that the children will be healthy.

# for muses. employee
You have a magical job:
Sounds and notes have submitted to you.
You can command
Melodies sound in the soul.

Thank you for your songs,
For dancing with us together,
That the music of all our days
Sounded more fun with you!

# for the head of the ISO circle:
Children, as always,
They really like to draw.
But they used to have to
We need to explain the drawings.

But over the years we observe
Amazing progress.
Among them, we know for sure, there are Levitans too.

# for the cook
The magic of cooking
They are proficient here.
Everything that was fried, cooked
It was very tasty.

Cause appetite
Culinary wonders
And looks enviously
Ronald from McDonald’s.

# for a babysitter
With a clear dawn, until dark
She’s in our kindergarten.
Who will bring us lunch
And will he clean up the dishes?

Of course, we helped,
We set the tables
And learned not to crumble
And do not apply sand.

Our group is not more beautiful.
Clean and light around!
Maybe our nanny,
And not two, but ten hands?

Let’s say thank you to her now
For the care and comfort
And for the fact that it’s time
She devoted her work to us!

# for sociologist/psychologist
Slowly, slowly,
Into a big, complicated life
You are holding the baby’s hand,
They were introduced carefully.

Followed you, barely breathing,
On the road of knowledge,
Our children are not afraid of school assignments.

# for a methodist
To raise children correctly,
You need to know a lot.
You need to know psychology
And know the physiology.

To be a doctor in pedagogy,
Rhetoric and logic.
But the main thing is to be a methodist,
Kids need to be loved.

# for a physical education student
We have long understood,
That a sound mind is in a healthy body.
The musculature of the children is growing,
Sports and physical education are in honor here.

More and more often we began to notice,
We began to lag behind the children.
I’ll have to keep up with the kids
We need to do sports ourselves.

# for the caretaker
Magic is important, of course,
To farm here,
To take everything into account flawlessly
And find any thing.

The caretaker has a lot of things to do,
So that our kids
The garden has become more cozy,
You need to be here and there.