Congratulations to parents at the kindergarten graduation

Parent #1
Educators (to call by name)!
Did you recognize your children? Look…
Your beautiful, elegant, beloved pupils are sitting in this hall.
How long have they been going to the nursery?
Have you learned how to hold a spoon and a mug correctly?
Did you learn to put on hats, pants and coats yourself?

Parent #2
We will remember you with love,
How mothers treated our children,
And they were at home with you.

Parent #3
Thank you, prostration,
Accept it from all parents.
And also carefully, lovingly,
Teach your other children!

Parent #4
Bow for your golden hands,
For your faithful hearts.
After all, you worked hard dear,
Not for the sake of a red word.

Parent #5
Thank you for your patience,
With which each of them was taught.
For your worries and worries,
For a heart that hurts like a family.

Parent #6
May the days of your life be good,
And there will be joy and harmony in the house.
And we wish you from the bottom of our hearts,
Great human happiness!

Parent #1

We all want parents to admit,
We love you very much!
You just have to try,
Do not forget and remember us!