Congratulations on May 1 from the Governor

Dear fellow countrymen! May Day is a celebration of spring and prosperity, creative work, freedom and our common hopes for a peaceful life. But, first of all, it is a tribute to the people working for the benefit of their Fatherland and native land.

Only conscientious, responsible work can make the life of each person and the whole society more worthy, increase the well-being of the region and the country. All that the city is rightfully proud of is the results of the efforts of hundreds of thousands of its residents. But we also have big plans for tomorrow.

The scale of the tasks facing the region today is extremely large! We have to implement major unique projects in the energy sector, industrial production, agriculture, transport infrastructure, housing construction. We strive to achieve the best results in all areas of activity, which will determine life in (what) area for many years to come. I sincerely wish you all success in your grateful, peaceful work! And the happiness you deserve! Happy holidays!