Congratulations to the home front workers from May 9

When the guns were thundering,
When cheers were heard again,
The whole country understood: It is necessary,
And I didn’t know fun and sleep!
For an hour, having taken a nap by the stove,
A kid was warming himself in old felt boots,
He’s a kid, but what a human being,
And in those years, after all, every youngster,
Was eager to fight, and forged a passport,
Following the father to rush to fight,
After all, there were different things in the war,
And all people got it with a vengeance!
The funeral is carried to the neighbors,
And the whole world is grieving with them,
Suddenly a mistake, and he will come,
Our soldier. And, restraining the cry,
My mother ran to work,
I can, I’m waiting, son,
I will give my son care,
Suddenly alive, and will ascend to the threshold,
He will say: Mom, the error came out,
I was in captivity, but I came,
And I knew Mom would answer,
After all, I was waiting, so everything is fine!
And how painful it is when missing
He was gone, we waited until the end,
And hoped, and the bride,
I cried at the window for a day,
The days are running, and the years are passing,
She didn’t get married after all,
To this day, she believes in a miracle,
Maybe not with her, but he’s alive somewhere!