Congratulations in verse on the Day of Russia

And Russia is strong – not by those in power,
Do not judge people by them, not knowing,
And even, divided into parts,
She is alive and do not expect death!

I’m sure the time is coming,
When the whole nation wakes up from sleep,
He will expel the treacherous tribe
And he won’t let them on the doorstep anymore.

Holy Russia, will rise from her knees,
Breathing in oxygen,
And absorbing the wisdom of generations,
He will gain divine power.

And all those who have betrayed the Russians until now,
For the sake of the God-fighting Jews,
They will go into oblivion, in a narrow passage,
Voracious vampires and devils.

The court will not escape, and fanatics,
Robbers of their people,
And Russia will finally be clean,
Having waited for its apogee!