Congratulations on the day of primary school teachers from children

Student/ca #1
We are all lucky!
You are our first teacher,
Please accept our congratulations soon!

Student/ca #2
You always greet us with a smile,
With a great desire, children run to class.

Student/ca #3
You are kind, soft, the best,
And you have become the second mother to the children,

One of the mothers of the children
Calmly we are all working at work,
After all, our guys are under sensitive care.

Student/ca #4
A teacher from God! (And this is about you),
Thank you for teaching us!

Student/ca #5
From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate you now,
We wish you all the best in life.

Student/ca #6
We are all lucky that you are our teacher!
Thank you so much for every lesson!

Student/ca #7
We want to promise you today,
That we will try to study for 5!

Student/ca #8
You are so devoted to your work!
Thank you for leading us to success!