Congratulations in verse for Palm Sunday 2022

Let a willow twig bring you
What the heart believes in, what the soul is waiting for.
I wish you health for forty centuries,
Love and kindness, to live without any shackles.

Let joy come, and the soul will smile,
And the dark power doesn’t sneak up on you.
I wish you luck, hope and faith,
And let the size of happiness grow from now on.

Happy Palm Sunday! Let the angel keep,
God always protects, and the heart does not hurt.
I wish you peace, light, home warmth,
And so that life flourished, it was good!
Happy Palm Sunday!
Let grace wait,
Health and patience
I want to wish.

Let the willow protect
From the dark forces of you.
Health awards,
So that life always bloomed.

Let faith help
Solve all the problems,
God protects from evil,
It will keep you from troubles!
Bring willow branches,
In the church now consecrate –
This is a symbol of awakening,
New life, rebirth.

Happy Palm Sunday!
Wonderful mood
Let this day begin,
And joy will burst into life.
Happy Palm Sunday
I’ll congratulate you.
I wish enlightenment
And have a happy day.

Grace comes
Let them go to your bright house,
And God will send again
Happiness with magic!
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