Congratulations in prose on the birthday of a friend with whom you have known for many years

My dear friend, congratulations! I’ve been in love with you for many years, or rather all my adult life. Even in kindergarten, you were special 🙂 We have already gone through so much together, and I’m afraid to imagine how much is still to come. You can always be relied on. Not once have you let me down. She always lent a helping hand in difficult times. Again and again she rejoiced at my achievements, proving her attitude. It was you who held my hair in those terrible moments of youth :)))) I will not wish for anything original and say special words of congratulations because happiness consists of simple things. Be always healthy, energetic and loved! Know that at any moment and for any reason you can call me! I’m always glad to hear and see you. Just know that there is a person nearby who sincerely loves you and appreciates the way you are! Happy birthday, my dear!