A beautiful birthday greeting to a friend in verse

I want to wish you light,
Myriads of sparkling days,
So that you are dressed in a smile –
So it goes to your essence!

I want to wish you summer,
Warm days, well, hot nights,
So that all day and all night, until dawn,
Everything warmed up in your soul.

I want to wish you a bird
Bright blue, like azure –
Let him fly, so that he will return again,
Protecting from troubles and from storms.

I want to give you loyalty,
To always cover your shoulder,
To pain, inattention, negligence
They didn’t destroy your heart.

I want to give laughter and joy,
Lightness in every minute of the day,
So that wisdom and prank live in you,
So that there is enough fire in your eyes.

To fly through life without fear,
So that the flight was safe,
So that the force was for the scope,
And flew, so that only forward!