Funny congratulations to a friend on the 50th anniversary

Ah, beloved girlfriend,
Is it really fifty?
And she looks like a very girly girl, a ringing laugh, a playful look.

Young and energetic,
And fresh as a May flower,
Outwardly you look great,
Well, what fifty kopecks? No,

I don’t believe in your age,
And today I congratulate
Happy anniversary to you
Twice, but at twenty-five.

So that, as in twenty-five, I dreamed
And loved, and could,
I could do everything, I managed
And she was happy.

To make the hopes come true,
What you are waiting for has come,
So that wishes come true
And you were lucky in everything.

To close, family
We walked in the same foot with you.
To be loved and appreciated,
Pampered, cherished.

And with all my heart I wish
We are friends, we don’t know separations
Long, long, multiplying
Four twenty-five.