Beautiful congratulations on a wooden wedding (5 years old)

Today we have been together for five years.
To your glory – toasts, songs.
And they called it, even strangely,
This wedding is wooden.

We will hardly understand now –
What was she named after?!
Maybe the hint is innocent
For the birth of Pinocchio?

Maybe the hint here is rude
On the union of mountain ash with oak?
We will not guess about that.
It’s better – let’s sit down and judge.

Here they grow up to a hundred years –
Stronger in strength, taller,
Do not forget about the roots,
On the branches, the moon is rocked

And, in spite of the winds and thunderstorms,
They bear fruit until frost.
You understand now, brothers, –
In what way is it not a sin to look up to them?

If yes, then we would like to give
For the woodiness of your wedding!