Beautiful congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the wedding

A lot has been lived together,
A solid term is 15 years.
There were enough problems and difficulties,
As, however, happiness and victories!

Live a friendly, nice couple,
People are admiring you.
And every new day is a gift,
He brings so much good.

Of course, we all know this –
There are difficulties sometimes,
But, only, these are all problems
They don’t separate you for long.

Storms and doubts have passed,
But despite the fuss,
You have kept the inspiration
And the beauty of relationships!

Today is a special day
We all want to wish you,
So that you are always capable
To love, appreciate, cherish, forgive…

We wish your children
They gave joy and peace.
And we will outline a mini-goal for you-
To live up to the golden wedding!