Tin wedding 8 years old beautiful greetings

You went through life together for eight years:
Hand in hand, eyes in eyes, and in unison, the hearts were pounding.
Went to bed, met the morning dawn
Together. Shared equally smiles and sorrows.

It’s been eight years since then,
When they said “yes” and put rings on their hands.
Cast a glance at the years you have lived.
Do you think that’s a lot? Really?

Everything is just beginning. And waiting for you ahead
And joys, and sorrows, and ups and downs.
I wish you grief to sweep out of the house,
Like trash, and open the doors wider for the holidays.

And let even the trace of separation and quarrels disappear.
Do not believe those who say that happiness is fleeting.
After all, we have only eight years behind us,
And there is an infinity of moments ahead of love.