Poems declaration of love

How not to love you, my desired man,
So dear, so all mine.
My gentle, ardent, passionate, long-awaited.
You were given to me by fate itself.

And this gift is priceless, the most generous,
I will keep it forever, forever.
I want to be a bride, wife and mother,
And live with you for many years.

And every day so fervently confess
To you, my man, in great love.
To be with you and enjoy
Adrenaline, bursting in the blood.


I love you, my gentle angel,
I’m ready to give you everything,
She would only be with me,
I’m ready to wait for you forever!

But there is a desert in my heart without you,
You are kinder, gentler, nicer to everyone!
There is no more desirable girl in the world,
I love more every day!


I love you unrestrainedly and passionately,
I’m burning up in the fire of crazy feelings.
My emotions are beyond my control,
After all, I am a prisoner of aspirations and follies.

I love you tenderly and tenderly,
I live a dream, I fly with my soul to you,
I know that attraction is inevitable,
I send this gratitude to fate for the meeting.

I love you just for no reason,
I’m not looking for motives for love.
There is you and me, there is a woman, a man
And lust bubbling in the blood.


I love you the way life is loved,
When the moment is dearer than all people,
Let my feelings ruin me,
There are no ideas in the world without you.

Without you, the world is empty, like in the sea,
And with you in the soul there is only light,
Without you there is no happiness, only grief,
And with you the world will be warmed by love!


Like the petals of magic roses
And the overflow of dreams-desires,
Beautiful locks of hair
And the tenderness of your eyes is shining.

You’re like a fairy tale incarnation:
She is very beautiful and sweet.
You conquered like a vision,
And you tamed me.

I breathe with you, I dream with you,
I wish to protect you
From various troubles and all sufferings,
After all, you give me a reason to live.

In my destiny, you are a bright angel,
That shines and disturbs the soul.
I will not stop loving you,
And I will admire you forever.


Like a fiery flower
The sun is blooming,
It’s a wonderful day for you
It starts again.

On your pillow let
Your dreams will remain,
We are with you in this day
We definitely won’t break up.

Good morning goes to bed
Exactly like a stitch,
Let it cheer you up and warm you
Fragrant coffee!


You are the one without whom life is impossible,
You’re the one without whom it’s harder for me to breathe,
You are my faith, dreams and desire,
You’re the one I can’t fall asleep without.

You are all good in my life,
You are both joy and happiness, dreams,
I forget all troubles with you,
You are colored, kind dreams.

You are my most desired, most cherished,
Without you, the world would become black and white,
I love you, I enjoy you,
I don’t want you to forget it.


Since we met you,
Life has seemed like a miracle to me.
But there is no peace in my heart anymore,
And I only dream about you.

I dream of never being separated,
Thank you for meeting our life.
And now I want to finally admit,
Saying three words: I love you!


You are my star in the twilight,
The star that lights the way.
So that I don’t disappear in the dark,
Into the quagmire so that he could not turn off.

My star leads me
By the dawn that burns in the distance.
And I will follow you,
Darling, to the ends of the earth!


How I want to get dizzy
I’m going to touch you now, even for a moment.
I can’t stop my heartbeat,
After all, the whisper of gentle caresses and passion is a cry,

And the rustle of the wings of the soul sounds exciting
In my head, intoxicated with happiness.
I can’t stop the growing deliciousness –
And I will walk seven roads, over seven seas

I’ll rush off with you, my gentle, passionate, sincere,
My lord! Just call –
I will warm you, I will scatter sparks,
Your lighting the way with a bonfire of love!

Declaration of love to her husband in verse


It seems to me that we have known each other for a long time,
Although we have recently become close.
My love is intoxicating wine,
It is stronger than the strongest steel.

My love is strong and hot,
It boils in me with great force.
Blessed is the way this hour will be,
That has connected us with you, my dear.


I’ll hug you gently, gently,
I’ll touch you with barely a breath!
Our happiness with you is inevitable, Even though you are still far away!

But we’ll meet soon, I know!
You forgive me the separation from you!
I’m hugging you, kissing you
And I miss you, my Angel!


The gray veil has collapsed,
The world sparkled with a million colors,
All because I, a skeptic, a rake,
Suddenly I felt what love is:

Fragile, delicate, like a statuette,
Unusually warm and pure,
With inexpressible bliss in the cells,
With Affection, languor, she is poured out.

Drowning in sweet hopes all day,
I divide the time for \”without\” and \”with you\”.
You are my dear, dear to my heart,
How much I love you madly.


You should know all about it:
You are the reason for my changes,
You gently awaken spring in me,
You give joy, a hundred thousand worries!

I love you very much,
It makes no sense for me to keep silent about feelings,
After all, my soul is in the whirlwinds of love,
In the sky of happiness, rejoicing, hovered!


You are special to me,
You’re not like everyone else.
You are the only one for me,
You’re the best on earth.

And I love your eyes,
A smile and words.
When you’re next to me,
Then my head is spinning.

Believe that the feelings are sincere,
And words are not empty.
I want to shout with joy,
That I love you!


My dear, gentle sun,
Even the darkness is not terrible to me with you!
Suddenly madness will touch the mind,
You’re driving me crazy, honey!

I love you and understand again,
That there is no such thing on earth anymore!
I don’t even need heaven with you,
After all, you made my life colorful!


It’s hard to find a man,
To sincerely love,
To have a strong spirit,
To solve problems,

It’s hard to find one,
Who wouldn’t betray forever,
Didn’t say a bad word,
Only appreciated, protected,

Who wouldn’t be petty,
Who would give the last one,
No matter how life turns out,
Never who has not betrayed,

I’ve been dreaming about this all my life,
And asked fate,
To send you soon,
So that we connect,

Finally, everything is done,
My half,
Everything came true that I dreamed about for a long time,
You have me now.


I love – what could be more beautiful!
I love you with all my heart, with all my soul.
As if the world is made of happiness,
So bright and big!

I love you – and life is like a fairy tale,
And so much kind warmth,
And so much tenderness and affection!
I want you to always be!


I won’t get tired of repeating myself, dear
And to say everything that the soul sings about.
To you in love, dear, to explain
I can do it all day and night.

You took it with you a long time ago
The peace that lived in my heart.
You inflamed the soul with summer heat,
Stronger and hotter than a passionate fire.

Just for one of your touches
I am ready to give everything in this world.
To describe my love’s ardor,
Not even a billion words will be enough.


When you’re around, I’m in heaven,
In the rays of your smile I bathe,
I catch reciprocity in your eyes
And I enjoy your tenderness.

When you are near, in the garden of paradise I am,
The soul sings, inspiration comes,
And again I am waiting for miracles with you,
Great luck, happiness and luck.

When you are near, the sun and the moon,
And the stars in the sky are so bright,
But you’re the one burning the brightest,
And it’s so hot in my heart from your rays.

When you’re around, nightingales sing,
The soul sings and sparkles with joy,
And on earth – harmony, comfort,
Let love live and blossom!

Tender poems declaration of love


Graceful and flexible gait
Full of the finest grace!
In your eyes, my beauty,
A serious wave of passions!

We will meet in the arms – and the mind
Inspired by a heady feeling!
How much I’m attached to you!
How deeply I’m in love with you!


Love is a mysterious thing,
I’m trying to unravel it.
I’m languishing with this sweet flour,
I can’t help myself.

You offered me a task,
Captivating with magical beauty.
I will firmly indicate my answer:
I am fascinated only by you.


There is nothing more pleasant than these feelings,
Everyone knows this
Only thanks to them
Our world survives!

These feelings give us
Happiness, inspiration,
And how Pushkin wrote
“Wonderful moments”!

And harmony they
Give to people too,
That’s why to live without them
Hardly anyone can!

These feelings are together with the heart
I’m giving you,
Because there is more life
I love you!


Poems on various problems
Sometimes they give us answers.
We sometimes solve them boldly,
Well, sometimes they live.

We should not confess our love
Sometimes we have no strength at all, hooray!
Send such a confession –
And there will be a mountain of happiness for you.


I love you, my angel,
This feeling cannot be broken,
I’m always not cheerful without you,
It’s hard for me to live without you.

I admire you
And I live by you alone,
My heart, dear,
I’m giving you one.

I’m ready for a feat for you,
I’ll roll mountains for you,
I am only faithful to you,
I worship you.


You have me the best,
In this you are very lucky.
Beautiful, smart, nice, –
No one can compare with me.
My mystery to you sparks,
From the outside – as if by accident.
Sweet, gentle, sincere,
I’m not your random one.
You’re my own. I am your happiness.
And we don’t need stars from heaven.
Fragile… It won’t break into pieces.
It’s easy to be happy.
There is no one better than me in the world.
Your most unique.
Next to you to infinity,
My favorite. Your favorite.


Like witchcraft, in love with you,
I feel elated with happiness.
I’ll drop a snowflake on my cheek,
So that I understand how much I love.

No one can replace you,
You could blind my heart.
You are like a flower, beautiful and gentle,
I need you alone in the whole world!


Lie to me from three boxes – I’ll believe you,
Call me even to the tundra – I’ll run right away,
But if you suddenly order, slamming the door,
Forget you – know, dear, I won’t be able to!

I breathe you, I live you, hoping,
That I will quench my thirst for burning passion,
When, kissing, I will bring out on the body
Lips billions of times “love!”


I won’t hide anything,
I’ll tell you everything as it is.
I love you! You’re a miracle!
I will prove these feelings.

Ask for what you want.
I can give you everything!
And I dream very, very
I’ll kiss you!

I don’t want to break up
No way and never,
There is no greater happiness for me,
Than to be with you always!


I want to confess to you
In your feelings, my good.
After all, I didn’t think of falling in love
I’m in my recent past.

But then a meeting with you
I turned everything in my soul,
Warmed my heart,
The joy in life has returned to me.

I fell in love with you passionately!
Every day with you is a happy one.
I’m not afraid to tell you –
I love you, my darling!


My sun, my dear,
How lucky I am with you!
I can’t imagine life without you,
You give me affection and warmth!

And even though I got caught in your net,
But I’m not begging for freedom!
I love you more than anyone in the world
In this life, honey, I love!

Declaration of love in poems to tears


You burst into my life suddenly,
It’s the first time I wasn’t expecting you,
Just leaving me once,
You broke my heart forever.

The days flew by like a gray veil,
Fallen leaves outside the window –
Tenderly and tenderly so with love,
She whispered important words to me.

Close friends forgot,
And I didn’t really rush to them,
Maybe accidentally at leisure,
I’m seriously burned by you.

I went headlong into work,
I wrote long poems again,
Even when there was no hunting,
I scribbled in a haze of silence.

I learned to be strong and brave,
I learned to forget you,
So that the blood hurries through thin veins,
I didn’t dare to burn with a flame.

I’ve watched movies about love,
Everything was smooth and easy in them,
But my soul, she was sick,
I was sick for you anyway.

One night, I couldn’t sleep at all,
It was stuffy, and the lilac was blooming,
Suddenly, pity awoke in me for you,
And led the way to the dark.

It seemed that you were overreacting,
That then we parted with evil,
And the moonlight oozed through my window,
Falling through the curtains on me.

After all, you have whispered words of love more than once,
After all, your head was spinning,
There was happiness with you and me,
And of course there was spring.

You came today at dawn,
It’s the first time I wasn’t expecting you,
You came to tell me that the heart is beating,
That it can’t do without me.


It’s not easy for me to say the words,
I dedicate the lines to you,
For a long time, what to hide,
I dream of confessing my love

A beautiful girl like that,
As you are – it is more beautiful not to meet,
I’ll tell you my secret –
You’re just the best in the world!


You wander through the body with your lips,
Succumbed to a hot wave,
And at night you are madly bored,
And you reach out with your heart to me.

Took your peace forever,
Tore off cherished dreams,
Now, we can’t get anywhere,
From this mad love.

Veins throb with happiness,
We have become so close with you,
And a blue dress falls,
And the evening is so golden.

I want to dissolve until the end,
It’s easy to melt in your hands,
I want to suffocate from love,
To feel your body.

Two passions burn to the point of pain,
It’s so scary to lose you,
Squeezing men’s palms,
I feel a burning power.

The king is my desired, beloved,
I want to wake up with you,
And love wings to the sky –
Raise to find out the height.


A moment with you is the embodiment of a dream, An hour of separation is eternal sadness.
You have become my oxygen…
I love you very much, I swear!

You are my angel, my dream.
And the same as you – I do not know.
Accept my admiration,
I give all my love only to you.


It’s nice to be silent with you
In a cozy kitchen with a cup of tea,
It’s even nicer to hug,
Whispering in your ear: “I missed you.”

Nice to chat with you
About how the working day went,
It’s easy to become yourself with you,
Being protected, by the way…

I don’t understand how I lived
I’ve been without you quite recently,
I’m glad I found you,
And I’ll tell you again about the most important thing:

I love you with all my heart! –
Another of my confessions…
You take care of my love
From the pain of disappointment.


It seems the sky is smiling at me
Meaningfully with a yellow-moon mouth.
Knows about the secret? About the fact that I blindly trusted hot, crazy feelings?..

He knows! Laughs – twinkle playfully
Stars are freckles… My dear, desired,
You have made me immensely happy!
A deer filled my heart with trepidation,

With his burning languid gaze
A flock of butterflies alarmed under the skin.
The body opened like a flower bud
In your warm palms, my good one.

Tenderness with life-giving dew greedily
I drink from your lips and get drunk in bliss…
This is love! I don’t need anything –
Only you, to be yours forever!


I recently met a sea of daisies,
And it suddenly became easier to walk on the ground.
The heart, indifferent to the trills of wild birds,
And love now leads like a ray in the mist.

Maybe sometimes the winds are not taking us into account
They continue the earthly path, pulling people.
Only it is always possible for us, grasping at the mirage
To go out into the expanse of the earth, knowing: there is happiness.


You are my protector, my man,
I share happiness with you,
I don’t need a reason at all,
To tell you how much I love!

There is nothing more precious than you in the world,
As a plus and minus, we are with you!
Let them be too different, and what?
After all, love binds us!

I hope that our feelings
They will only grow stronger day by day,
After all, you are very important to me, dear,
How good it is that we are together!


Frankly admit
In my feelings, it’s difficult.
But to be silent about what you love,
This is simply impossible!

I want to open up to you,
Not hiding the truth at all.
I often dream about your image,
I only dream about you.

I’m waiting for a meeting, a kiss,
Greedily catching every look,
I’m jealous of everyone,
Sunshine, I love you!


I tell you “Love” –
Hold my confession,
I always want to be there,
Catch your breath,

Beautiful look from under the eyelashes,
Bright tenderness smiles –
And again happiness without borders,
There is no better gift for me!

Beautiful declaration of love poems


When I saw you for the first time,
It was as if lightning had pierced me.
Your movements, strong-willed gestures,
Your confidence has struck me down.

After all, you are the one you’ve been dreaming about all your life,
Handsome, strong, courageous, brave.
You are the one I flew to in my dreams,
To whom I wrote poems clumsily.

And now you’re here, you’re with me.
And I love you and gently melt.
You are my happiness, dear, unearthly,
I’m floating in the clouds, circling, flying.


My love! To you on the wings of dreams
I’m flying, I’m striving with all my heart and soul,
I fell in love with you a long time ago, seriously,
I shared my fate with you.

It’s so sweet to love you, believe me,
You are my gift and a wonderful prize,
You are the joyful goal of my life,
My dream, my beautiful whim.


Yes, I love you.
And you know about it.
I’m burning with passion
You’re inflaming me!

Tell me about love
It’s not difficult for you at all,
It’s more difficult when with you
It’s impossible to be around.

I can’t open my feelings
Almost unbearable,
The main thing for me is to love
And to know that I am loved!


I want to tell you so much,
That the light has come on in my soul
I like to dream with you,
And keep a secret from everyone.

I want to talk to you all night,
Look at the stars and distant Mars…
And parting I will not shed tears,
Love is stronger than adversity, I believe in us!

I so want to hear your advice,
You answered without saying a word…
And I see you again! Hi!
I’m in your arms again!

I have a lot to tell you,
The sun is shining in your eyes,
Love from the heart is torn and again
In my soul I will open the window.


As the wind loves free spaces,
Passing current ships,
And how madly echo loves mountains –
That’s how we could love each other!

You are the heart rhythm and fresh breath,
My every thought is flying to you.
I am ready to pass all the tests,
If only I could understand the meaning of this passion.

Getting stronger every day even stronger,
The love that I keep so carefully.
And the fact that we are so sick of each other,
I sincerely blame both of us.


I want to be with you,
I want to touch you,
I don’t have enough words
To confess my love for you.

The ocean is huge,
But a grain of sand is so small.
You are the world of my soul,
You’re my soul mate.

There are many stars in the sky,
But I see only one.
After all, you are my star,
And you are much closer.


Since I looked into your eyes,
When I saw this blue sea –
A thunderstorm rumbled over me.
I’ve been missing you ever since.

Since the golden hair wave,
Barely touching my shoulders, she flashed,
I realized: there is only you in the world.
I’ve been missing you ever since.


You are my light among the mundane everyday life,
You are my angel, my attraction,
Without you I am in thrall to longing,
My dawn and my obsession…

You are the spring, the one that is in my heart,
And I don’t need another fairy tale,
Living again day after day,
I understand how much I love.


My beloved, you are my hero!
Defender, loyal friend, king!
I am always happy with you,
When you are near, the pain goes away!

When you’re with me, I’m not afraid,
No evil news, no sorrows of fate!
You will save me from any trouble,
Always being together is all my dreams!


The only one, my beloved,
All I need is to be with you.